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Leaving home

  1. Edit: This entry is a lot longer than I expected, with no pictures, I'll do better next time

I first started thinking about travelling a couple of years ago. I was bored with work, had a load of old comics to sell and thought I could get enough money to go travel for a while.

The practicality of it all ended up being far more difficult than I'd though it would be.

For a start, it took me about a year longer to sell the comics than I thought it would and I got a lot less for them than I'd hoped. Also, clearing my house of all the crap I'd amassed over the years took me forever, I was still moving stuff into my Mum's house the morning I left! But that's just stuff.. It was actually pretty liberating getting rid of 80% of my belongings, giving thousands of books away, bags of clothes to charity, hundreds of Blu Rays sold on eBay, it turns out I didn't need them.

The biggest difficulty was leaving my family and friends. I have a very close knit group of people surrounding me that bring me strength and love. How am I supposed to survive without that? The longest I think I've ever been away from home was about 6 weeks when I was at Uni, and that was a LONG time ago. This would be over 16 weeks.

The biggest help with this is that technology has changed so much since I went to Uni. The internet was very much in it's infancy then and letters and phone calls were the only way to communicate. Now there are so many ways to reach out to loved ones that you're spoilt for choice. Video calls are easy and free, everyone has email, social media is everywhere and I can write a blog (hello!) to let people know what I'm doing. Should be easy.

Or not.

As the leaving day approached, there were goodbye parties, drinks, gatherings and visits. I realised that leaving all these amazing people would be far harder than I could have imagined. These people I'd had around me all the time, worked with, lived life with, they are my life. How do I leave all that behind? Just by doing it I guess.

I'm especially close to my Mum, in a very non Norman Bates kinda way. She's getting on a bit and has no idea how to use the her TV, but supports me as much as I support her. It was even her idea that I do this (as much as she hates that fact now I'm sure). Leaving her was the hardest thing I've ever done. But it was with the support of all these people in so many ways that I was able to leave. Encouraging me to go, being excited for me, helping me plan, helping me move, there are too many people who made this possible to list here.

Which brings me to the day of travelling, which as you can imagine, is the least interesting bit. I love to travel, but I hate travelling. I'm too impatient, I get bored easily and my arse gets numb when I have to sit for any length of time. Planes drive me mad.

After a final packing frenzy where I tried unsuccessfully to get rid of stuff from my stupidly heavy backpack (there's a whole video of that coming next week) my friend Jane arrived to take me to the airport. It was too soon, I wasn't ready to go, to say goodbye, but the plane won't wait and I have to go. After a teary goodbye to my Mum and friend Emma I was off.

For about 5 minutes before I realised I'd forgotten something and had to go back home, much to everyone's amusement.

We arrived at Heathrow where we sat and had something to eat and coffee (free refills!), there was an unexpected video chat with my work family, then finally it was time to say goodbye to Jane and go through security.

The airport was fine, a bit of a delay, but nothing much, then on to Vienna, where they made me unpack my backpack at security ("Too many electronics!") which was a pain, and then a 6 hour wait for my flight to Bangkok. Nothing much to say there other than ours was the final flight of the day and it's a bit strange sitting in an almost empty airport.

As before, I managed to sneak through with my heavy backpack (8kg limit, 15kg bag, £55 charge if caught) and I got on my plane to Bangkok.

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