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It's all different, it takes about 5 minutes to get used to it

I'm mid way through writing a blog about my diving experience, but at this point I may as well get to the end of it, I finish (the first bit) tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, here's some things I've learned about island life:

  1. 1 It's perfect for an addled brained fool like me: At this moment, I'm pretty sure my swim stuff and water bottle are at my diving school. It'll turn up, it did this morning when I left it all there yesterday. This island is great for that, no one takes anything! I left my wallet on the bar for two hours tonight and no one went near it!. I did lose my cap, as anyone who's been on holiday with me before will tell you, that's a record!!

  1. 2 Sand gets everywhere - I don't have a shower fitted above my front door, it's a bit much to ask.. But that would be the only way to keep the sand from my bed, body, clothes, cat, laptop, everything! It get's everywhere!

  1. 3 Flipflops are great (for 100 meters) - I somehow walked 11km on Tuesday. This is on an Island 6km from top to bottom (and I've seen 5% of it). While flipflops are great to have, any extended use ruins your feet! I've been forced to wear trainers now for 2 days because of how badly that one day ruined my feet and it's a pain in the arse as you have to remove them when you go anywhere at all!

  1. 4 Bumblasters - A new one for me. I've seen bidets and nonsense like that, and avoided them completely, then someone said something to me yesterday that changed my mind completely.....

If you had crap on your arm, would you just clean it off with a tissue?

Of course not! So why do it with your but? Buttblasters are weird, but actually pretty great!

  1. 5 The stars are the wrong way around, probably no one cares about that but me

  1. 6 We may be filthy, but we're cleaner than ever! - My feet are like a hobbit's. Everything is covered in sand (see above) and everyone just throws their stuff everywhere. I wash my clothes in the shower and I walk without shoes on because that's what they ask for. The toilets are mostly filthy (although I have a great bathroom in my room) and we eat in the open with people smoking everywhere, sharing our food and drinks. It's a Coronovirus dream!

But I shower at least 3 times a day, in addition to when I'm washing myself off after a dive, or when I'm too hot (always) and everyone here washes their hands about every 15 mins. I think I'm doing ok. I also spend 6 hours a day in salt water, which helps.

In summary. Living on an Island, is the same as living anywhere, but filthier, warmer and better

Posted by cblanc102 08:23

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