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I sit here after one of the most relaxing days of my life, covered in mosquito repellent (how much is enough?? How much is too much???) and thinking of an early night so I can get up real early and play with the drone tomorrow.

The journey to Koh Tao was not an easy one, but could have been so much harder. It took around 15 hours hostel to hotel and involved a cab, a bus, a boat and a fair bit of walking with my famously heavy backpack. But was so well organised that I barely had any worries travelling the 300 plus miles needed to get me here. I would definitely recommend Lamprayah buses. They were excellent, cheap too.

I should digress for a second about the backpack, and a video on that should come tomorrow, but there's a story I like to tell about doing the Himalayas where I wrecked my feet and then agreeing to do Snowdon a month later cursing myself all the way, only to feel ridiculous when I saw a group of one legged soldiers storming it down the mountain.

Something similar has happened here. After lugging my pack around for 5 days, lamenting the weight and feeling sorry for myself and the four more months of slogging I have ahead, I saw loads of young girls today, half my size with packs bigger than mine. Time to shut the moaning lol.

That being said, I get excited every time I figure out a way of losing some stuff from the bag... Although I freak out every time I think I've lost something, which is often, as I have the memory of a goldfish.

I've done so little today a blog is barely worth it. I had lunch, looked at the view, slept, had dinner, looked at the view. But what a view. I've been on a tropical island before but this place beats it hands down! And no attacking monkey's (so far). The whole atmosphere here is so relaxed it's a wonder anyone ever leaves, and I think I may have problems there too. I've already been checking out third week options..


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