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Two weeks down

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*Before I start the blog* I've been trying to include more photos to the blog this trip, but this post isn't really about my travels over the past few days as I just travelled back from La Fortuna to San Jose in preparation for my latest trip down here to the Pacific Coast and much more jungle. I will include some pics though that I've taken over the past three days and will intersperse them into the text, of which they will have little to no connection. Enjoy

Pictures like this random picture of a bale of turtles doing nothing

Now on to the main post..

As I write this, it's 8pm and I'm in a hostel outside of a town called Quepos, on the Pacific Coast and about 4km from Manuel Antonio National Park, one of the country's best apparently. It's pitch black out and the noise from the light rain isn't coming close to drowning out the sounds of nature surrounding me. Even more than La Fortuna, this is how I thought Costa Rica would be!

The hostel is so far pretty great, bar the shit wifi outside my room on the veranda, but maybe it's better at reception. Within 30 mins of arriving, juice in one hand, book in the other, I was thinking about extending my stay here another week. I know it's early to be saying that, but the place has a pool (good for my back!), at least three amazing looking beaches, a massive jungle behind me and it's in the 30s every day. Perfect. The room is lovely too, no windows, just a mesh letting in all the noise and light from outside. I can't see me sleeping past 6am tomorrow but the room is lovely and cool which is good when it's 27c outside at night

The sunsets are lovely too!

The past few days were pretty dull as I spent a good seven hours of that travelling (three hours from La Fortuna to San Jose and four hours down to here) and 36 hours in San Jose which is really shaping up to be the world's dullest capital city. The highlight of my day was going to a tiny zoo in the middle of the city and checking out animals that are mostly found here in the wild. The highlight was feeding some monkeys after noticing one stretching through bars to reach a seed pod. There were loads of pods around me and no one in the park to stop me. I am a zoo rebel. I did see some nice butterflies and a dragonfly, but these were just flying around.

Monkeys are a lot more amiable when you feed the little shits

I spent an interesting evening chatting to a group of travellers. It's always great to hear what others are doing, helpful too, especially nowadays. One of the travellers though was, I shall put this delicately, an odd duck. An 18/19 year old lad from England that seems to have been all over the place, but apparently has spent the last six months discovering hallucinogenics and plans to travel to the Amazon Rainforest of Columbia to volunteer with some kind of spiritual guru and help him cultivate some kind of powder, which is in no way a drug, but is made from coca leaves, the same as cocaine. All legal though, I promise

I don't know how much truth there is in all that, but if you see a piece about a missing skinny blonde English kid on the news in a month or two, he's buried in Columbia.

Stopped off at a roadside cafe today for some nondescript meat on a skewer. It was pretty likely chicken, but tasted great for a quid!

It's now two weeks since I left my life to come do this nonsense. It will be two weeks since my back gave out on me at the worst opportunity and is just starting to get better. Some days I've just wanted to turn around and come home. other days have been highlights of my life. I've added countries to the travel list and taken others away. I've walked 50 miles, through airports, jungles, rain forests and up and down volcanoes. I've seen sloths, frogs, toucans and more hummingbirds than I care to mention. It's been a crazy fortnight.

My first ever view of the Pacific Ocean

I don't think I'm going to Honduras now, from what I hear it's not the safest place for solo travellers, so I think I may go South to Panama by bus, then fly to Ecuador, do a week in the Galapagos then head down to Peru. But I have no timeframe for any of it, even for when I'm leaving Costa Rica, I have a two month visa here, but may leave for Panama next week.. I'm able to travel pretty freely round here because of the vaccinations (thanks Dil!) but there's all sorts of talk about which countries will be made red in a couple of weeks here. I'm not really worried though, that's a ways off and I can always travel back to the UK via a green country

Hopefully this next week sill see more wildlife, both in the jungle and ocean, more hikes, more resting and more reading. Who know's where I'll be in 2 weeks? I honestly have no clue.


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