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Bad luck or lack of preparation?

If I didn't know I was old before today I sure know it now

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When I changed my trip last minute from Nepal to Costa Rica the decision had nothing to do with 'green, amber or red countries', which seems arbitrary nonsense done to stop people spending money abroad more than out of any safety concerns, it was more to do with not wanting to get stuck in another country locking down everything and anything to do. The last week of Thailand wasn't great.

I figured Costa Rica as a great idea. A country I'd always liked the idea of, filled with jungles, volcanoes and exotic animals, nestled in the centre of an area I hadn't visited with an excellent reputation. Go me. But here I am, sat typing this as the music blaring below me is drowned out by the constant shouting of the hordes of 19 year olds getting drunk down there.

Yup, I'm old.

So it turns out that with Asia mostly closed, all the kids wanting a gap year were able to come to Costa Rica instead. Getting around the travel ban by 'volunteering' at farms, some doing as little as two day's work before sodding off to party. And it's in the middle of this I'm stuck. Sharing a room with three 19 year old English girls no less. To their credit, the girls seem less bothered by it than I am.

Like a Butlins in the jungle

After leaving my last nice little hostel I had managed to bluff and bluster my way onto the bus using the seven or so Spanish words I know, along with Google Translate and the tried and tested formula of following others who look like they have a better idea of what's going on than I do (most everyone). Getting here was pretty painless, although my back is still not 100%, so there was that, but spending 4 hours on a crowded coach was mostly fine (numb arse aside) because this country is so beautiful to look at. There was a moment as I was listening to a classical music compilation that we passed this long stretch of jungle just as John Williams' Jurassic Park score came on. It was pretty perfect.

My last nice little hostel

I don't know how much it was

La Fortuna is a little town about a ten minute drive from a National Park containing Costa Rica's largest lake and volcano, which I was unable to see today as the clouds covered everything. It's a nice little place, almost entirely filled with bars, souvenir shops and places selling tours. You can probably walk it end to end in under 20 mins. It doesn't seem that busy, I'm not sure if that's down to us being on the verge of rainy season or just stupid Covid.
La Fortuna Park

I went out and had a wander, stopping of at a Soda, one of Costa Rica's cheap local restaurants. I had a great meal, pretty cheap too. I have no idea what half the meal was, but that's half of the fun right?

Just for you Rebecca ;)

I have spoken to the manager about cutting my stay here short by 6 nights. I can't stay here anymore, it's too much and I found a place of a similar price where I get my own room. He's going to speak to the owner about me getting my money back, but I think I'm gone either way. This place isn't for me. It's a nice place, out of the town a bit and surrounded by the noise of all the wildlife (when you can hear it over the noise of the kids downstairs) but I just have too many issues with the place. Don't get me wrong, if you're 20 you'd likely love the place, but me reviewing it is like my reviewing the latest Justin Bieber album. I'm just not the target audience.

All my concerns to management were met with a blanket 'well, this is a hostel' and I can't blame him for that, he's right I guess, but I've stayed in quite a few other hostels and none of them were like this, perhaps I've just been lucky with the others and now I'm being overly critical. This week hasn't gone as planned so far and I'm eager to get back on track.

As the title says I wonder if this has just been bad luck or if it's down to my complete lack of preparation for this trip? All done half arsed and last minute seems quite exciting until you're sitting in the middle of a trance party. I'm hoping that I was just unlucky here and this won't follow me everywhere I go...

It's now the morning, and I'm able to get (almost all of) my money back for this hostel and am booked in to the nice place down the road, but two things have now changed. Firstly it is absolutely hammering it down with rain. Also, my back has gone a bit again, I'm still able to walk, but it doesn't feel great and I'm not sure moving again is the best idea. They say it never rains but it pours, and it's definitely pouring!!

This pic doesn't do it justice, but yeah, pretty wet

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Muchísimas gracias, food looks amazing! Can I suggest a pottery holiday in the cotswolds next haha. Can’t wait to discover Costa Rica through your travels. Have fun !

by Rdhaliwal

I think the Cotswalds may be more my speed Becky hahaha

by cblanc102

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